10+ Hilarious Wet Cats That Were Not Amused with Their Bath!

We all know cats are not fans of water. Apart from drinking it, they do not want any other contact with this liquid. As far as the hygiene is concerned, we all know that they clean themselves but sometimes they need our help for a bath. Here we have a dozen of pictures of wet cats that were not lucky enough to avoid the bath.

According to the images we have three categories of cats reacting to water: angry, shocked and entertained. Of course, most of the cats have the angry reaction. They are frowning and have killer looks. The shocked ones do not know what just happened to them. Their eyes wide open, the only thing that pops out of their wet body. And the entertained ones that look like they really have fun.

However, when it comes to their looks, they are all funny when wet. Some of them are even hilarious. When cats are wet all you see is their heads, while the body is reduced to minimum existence.


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