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10+ Photos Which Prove That Cats and Dogs Can Get Along!

We are all aware that cats and dogs normally don’t really get along. They are considered to be enemies and are usually not supposed to enjoy each other’s company. The lovely couples from these photos show us that not everything is black and white. Even in the animal kingdom gray areas do exist and animals are not as predictable as we think they are.

The anthrozoologist John Bradshaw believes that the conflicts between them arise because the two species have different views on the world. The cats get scared and try to run away, while the dogs think that it is all a game. They are certain that the cat is inviting them into the chase. They are basically enemies just because they don’t understand each other’s intentions.

Are you still uncertain that cat and dog friendships can exist?

Share this post with your friends and prove them otherwise. (Photo Credits: Bored Panda)

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