10-Year-Old Boy Helps a Cat Rescue Center for 4 Years So Ellen Decided to Surprise Him!

The ten year-old Evan Sweitzer shared his amazing story on the Ellen Show. The young boy for four years was donating his allowance to a cat rescue center. In return, Ellen decided to do something very special for him.

Evan wants to help the stray cats and all cats in need as much as he possibly can. In order to be able to donate more money to City Kitties in Philadelphia he was even selling figs. He would get some ripe figs from his backyard and sell them to his neighbors because his $5 allowance was not enough.

Since he is such a kind young boy Ellen gave him a $20.000 check which is a donation for the City Kitties and a new stand which will help him with his little fig business.

Isn’t he a really sweet and kind boy?

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