She Was Living a Nightmare! 17-Year-Old Abused Cat Finally Regains Her Trust in People!

This sad story is about Cinnamon who after 17 years living happily with her owners ends up being just another unwanted and abused cat.

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The Reasons Why Cinnamon Lost Her Trust in People!

Cinnamon was having a comfortable life with her elderly owners. A couple of months before she ended up as an abused cat as her owners passed away. She was adopted by relatives of her owners to take care of her. You might think it was a good idea instead of being left homeless or in a shelter, but it turned into a nightmare for Cinnamon.

Her new family ended up completely abusing and mistreating her, chasing her around with sticks. After 17 years she got abandoned and left homeless. Completely scared and betrayed by humans.

The 17 Year-Old Abused Cat Lets Go of Her Anger!

Cinnamon got rescued by Second Chance Animal Rescue Society. She didn’t want to be near any of the volunteers at SCARS. She would avoid any contact with them and when Valia Orfanidou would sit close to her she would just go away.

As if things were not bad enough for poor old Cinnamon she was also diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. While everyone else at the shelter thought that there was no way to regain her trust, Valia Orfanidou didn’t want to give up on her no matter what. She was determined and wanted for Cinnamon to be able to trust again and to make her feel loved. After a couple of weeks of patiently just sitting next to Cinnamon, she finally was able to pet her. Cinnamon gave in and Valia was holding on to her, comforting her until her legs were completely numb because she was sitting on the floor.

Cinnamon is enjoying her life now feeling the love she deserves! She finally lets every single one of the volunteers to pet her and play with her.

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