17 Years-Old Cat Shows Her Family How Much She Loves Them Every Day!

Kiki, the 17 years-old cat makes sure to let her family know just how happy she is in her new home every single day.

When Kiki’s previous owner passed away, she left at a local shelter. The Kitty Adventure Rescue League decided to take her in and she couldn’t be happier. Their sanctuary takes care of kitties with special needs and also older cats.

Not every cat is as lucky as Kiki. Most people tend to either just dump the senior cats on the streets or take them to any shelter.

This kitty got the wonderful opportunity to spend the rest of her life in a very comfortable place. She adapted to it immediately and shows just how happy she is every day. Kiki doesn’t miss a chance to cuddle with her humans or give them lots of kisses. She loves to spend time with them and is really happy that she will no longer be a shelter kitty.

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