Moving Story: 3 Legged Kitten Found Her Suitable Human!

Meet Doc, a 3 legged kitten and meet Scarlet one arm little girl. These two had it tough from the start of their life. But they were lucky to have found each other. Sometimes life has a hard surprise for us at the beginning, but it works things out along the way.

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3 Legged Kitten Left Abandoned, Finds His Soul Mate!

As the story goes, it is hard enough for cats to deal with life as it is, little less if they are missing a limb. Being a little kitten and missing a limb is very hard to get adopted. It seems that people find it easier to look away and not take responsibility with cats like these.

Well, Doc is a kitty that does miss a front limb and was having a hard time about being adopted and finding a forever home. Not until one Christmas when a little two-year girl came to the shelter with her parents and tried to adopt a kitty. Scarlet is the name of this little girl and just as it happens; she is missing an arm too. Her condition is a result of a rare form of cancer. These two clicked perfectly when they first glanced at each other.

Having these two to be together is the best thing that could happen to them. Scarlet’s parents were looking for a kitten like this for a long time since they hoped they will help each other. Being together made them connect deeper and in a way they now understand each other. Scarlet has learned so much out of this 3 legged kitten, like not limiting herself and getting things done no matter what. With the help of her family Scarlet starts to understand that her limitation shouldn’t be an obstacle in her life.

To support Scarlet, visit her official Facebook Page.

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