5 Most Luxurious Pet Hotels In The United States!

Pet hotels used to be something outrageous and not so common to come across. Nowadays pet hotels are becoming very popular and people are more open to leaving their precious little furry friends to stay in one.

In these facilities your loved pet will get pampered like never before. If you want to go on vacation you won’t have to worry about finding someone to take care of your pet. Take your furry friend to one of these wonderful pet hotels and your pet will be on vacation just like you. These are the five best pet hotels in the United States.

1. Philadelphia Pet Hotel & Villas

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This five acre facility is located near the Philadelphia airport. This hotel is the ultimate comfy zone for your loyal friend. It has a variety of different services that will make your pets enjoy every second of their stay. They have dog suits and cat condos. Some extra fancy suits come with big LCD TVs and queen-sized beds.

Before you decide to take your pet to the hotel you need to send them all the necessary information about your cat so they can give them the best treatment possible. You can sit back and relax and be sure that your pet is in good hands since besides all the pampering that your pet will enjoy, there is a doctor that comes for daily check ups.

2. Luxe Pet Hotel

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This hotel is located in Las Vegas and it offers one of the best services for your pets. You can plan their stay beforehand by calling the number you can find on their site. They are going to take good care of your dog as soon as it enters the facility and will get indoor and outdoor playtime including playing by the pool.

On the other hand, the cat suits are located far away from the dogs and your kitty will be able to enjoy and chill in its private suit. The hotel also includes luxurious rooms with queen-sized beds, spa and gym and even a pet boutique.

3. Pooch Hotel

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Unlike the previous two, the Pooch Hotel is a boarding place strictly for dogs. The first hotel opened in Chicago in 2004 and made a chain of hotels throughout the years since the first one was a big success. The hotel has certified dog trainers that will provide the best experience for your dog.

The hotels are available 24/7 and the services they provide range from dog daycare where your dog can enjoy playing with other dogs to dog boarding where it will able to enjoy its suit, there’s also spa and grooming available as well as professional dog training.

4. Paradise 4 Paws

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Paradise 4 Paws has several locations in Chicago, Denver and Dallas. In 2008 the Chicago O’Hare resort was the first to open. The resorts are open 24/7 and the owners have real-time webcam access. Some of these resorts are located near airports and you get airport parking which is very convenient.

When it comes to the care of your pet they have an on-site veterinary assistants so you can be at ease when you leave your pet there. The service includes overnight accommodation for both cats and dogs, daycare for dogs, spa and grooming, dog training, boarding lounge and services à la carte.

5. D Pet Hotels

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D Pet Hotels also deserve a place in the 5 best pet hotels. They are located in Texas, New York City, Arizona and California. If you want to spoil your furry companion this might be the right place for you. They can enjoy the lavish accommodations and be playful in the dog parks. Like most of the hotels they also have spa and grooming and dog daycare as well, but what makes this hotel stand out the most is the D-Chauffeur and the private dog chef.

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