5 Most Popular Cats on Facebook with the Largest Number of Fans!

There isn’t a single person on the planet that uses the internet and hasn’t seen at least one cat meme, or one of those absolutely adorable videos of cats getting belly rubs. Cats are all over the internet these days. There are plenty of reasons for their popularity, even though the number one factor must be the fact that they’re basically the synonym of cuteness and sarcasm. A photo of a cat not being amused can arouse multiple options for captions, and it seems like people can’t get enough of it. There are so many cats with huge amount of fans, but these are the 5 most popular cats with the largest number of Facebook fans.

#1 The Grumpy Cat – 8.9 Million FB likes

Grumpy Cat 5 Most Popular Cats on Facebook Largest Number of Fans 2
Source & Photo Credits: FB Page – The Official Grumpy Cat

With the astonishing 8.9 million likes on the official The Grumpy Cat page, Grumpy cat has been the ruling sensation on the internet for quite a good while now. While other popular cats gain their fame by just being pretty and cute, this cat has gotten its fame by simply having a very grumpy face. It has been the base of so many memes all over the internet and people are loving it. All the fans can also even enjoy the Grumpy cat game which can be found in the play store. Its popularity can be found outside of the internet in Wal-Mart as well, where you can find Grumpy cat plushies and also at PetSmart where you can get Grumpy Cat toys for your cats and dogs.

#2 Lil Bub – 2.9 Million FB likes

Lil Bub 5 Most Popular Cats on Facebook Largest Number of Fans 2
Source & Photo Credits: FB Page – Lil Bub

Another kitty that has gotten internet fans by having a distinguishing face is Lil Bub. Having the second spot by the amount of Facebook fans, this cat’s official Facebook profile has 2,967,503 likes. This amount of people regularly enjoys having Lil Bub’s silly face on their timeline. Because of the genetic anomalies this special rescue cat has gotten its specific looks and also will stay a little kitty forever, but that doesn’t bother her owner nor her fans who go to special events organized to meet up with Lil Bub. Thanks to her popularity she has also been able to get treatment helping her condition that caused her bones to grow denser. This little kitty has also an online store where fans can purchase all sorts of things with her cute face on, from cups and mugs to watches and shirts.

#3 Waffles the Cat – 2.5 Million FB Likes

Waffles The Cat 5 Most Popular Cats on Facebook Largest Number of Fans 1
Source & Photo Credits: FB Page – Waffles The Cat

Third on the list of most popular cats with largest fans of Facebook is Waffles the Cat with 2,505,144 likes on the official page. According to the biography about this adorable cat, she was not adopted as a kitty, but only after she was 6 months old. Just like the other two Waffles, it has a very distinguishing feature for a cat and that includes its tiny years, which make the kitty extra adorable.

#4 Nala the Cat – 2.5 Million FB Likes

Nala Cat 5 Most Popular Cats on Facebook Largest Number of Fans 2
Source & Photo Credits: FB Page – Nala The Cat

Having 2,504,489 likes on her Facebook page makes Nala fourth on our list of popular cats. She is a mix of Siamese and a Tubby. This five year old beauty has been enjoying her fame thanks to her absolutely adorable face, her “curvy” body and short legs which make her super cute. Her fans are enjoying Nala’s cuteness on their shirts and pillows and other merchandise that they can purchase.

#5 Luna the Fashion Kitty – 1.6 Million FB Likes

Lily the Fashion Kitty 5 Most Popular Cats on Facebook Largest Number of Fans
Source & Photo Credits: FB Page – Luna The Fashion Kitty

No one said that only humans can do modeling. Luna is the top model when it comes to cats with 1,612,655 likes on her Facebook page. She is famous for her looks having her tongue sticking out most of the time, wearing fashionable outfits and also has her nails done in vibrant colors. Her owner has stated that she is not being abused and that she is not bothered when dressed in her outfits.

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