5 Winter Tips for Helping Stray Cats!

Whenever winter is right around the corner you might be thinking what is going to happen to all the animals who live outside in the cold. It is really sad that we are not able to give every single one of them a shelter and take them into our homes. However, we have 5 winter tips for all those who are wondering how they can help the homeless cats around their neighborhood.

5 winter tips helping stray cats 1


The first thing you want to do whenever you see a stray cat is contact the local shelter. It is possible that they already know about the feral cats in the area, but you can never be sure that the cat you see is not just another lost pet.

Bang on your Hood!

One of the places that feral cats use as a shelter during the cold winter days are cars. Whenever you are about to use your car, make sure you bang on the hood first. This will scare the cat and make her run away somewhere safe.

Provide Shelter!

During the really cold days if you can, try to let the cat stay inside your home or garage. Sometimes the rescue organizations take a couple of days in order to come and take the cat into their shelter. In the meantime it would be great if you can give them a temporary home.

Build a Shelter!

For those cats that don’t want to stay with you, you can build them a simple shelter that will keep them safe and warm during winter.

Food and Water!

One of the things that everyone can do is try to leave some food and fresh water outside for the feral cats in the area. They will be able to save up their energy and not spend hours searching for food.


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