7 Sounds That Cats Make and the Meaning Behind Them!

There are all sorts of sounds that cats make. Some happen because they are feeling good and satisfied, while others because they are angry, frustrated or scared. The following 7 sounds that cats make are the most common ones that you can hear and it would be really good to know what they mean if you own a cat.

7 Sounds cats make meaning meow purr chattering hissing growling 2

1. Meowing

One which we are all familiar with is their meowing and is something that they use when they are little kittens in order to communicate with their moms. With meowing they show her that they need attention. However, they don’t meow in order to socialize with other cats. What they actually meow for as adult cats is to be able to speak to us humans and let us know that this time around, they need our attention.

2. Purring

For us humans, purring is the something which we love to hear and of course, feel whenever we pet our cat. Whenever you hear your cat purr, you know that she is feeling good and it is really an indicator that she is in the best of her moods.

3. Yowling

Yowling is a sound that cats make towards each other. It usually suggests that they either want to mate or that the other cat should stay away from her territory.

4. Growling

Growling is pretty self-explanatory sound. When a cat growls it means that whoever is around her should really back off, before getting hurt.

5. Chattering

Cats usually chatter when they see birds outside. It is believed that they make the sound our of frustration for not being able to get their prey.

6. Trilling

This sound is a friendly greeting which is somewhere in between a meow and a purr.

7. Hissing

Hissing is one of the sounds that comes after the growl and it’s the final warning. They do this when they are angry or scared.

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