These 8 Kittens Have a Blast With Their Favorite Song!

There are plenty of videos of cats “dancing” on the Internet, but this is our first time having 8 kittens lined up and showing us a wonderful performance.

Cats have all sorts of impressive abilities such as the amazing gift to always land on their feet. They also never fail to leave us speechless when we see how they can fit into the smallest holes. Besides all that though, it seems like they are very talented when it comes to dancing.

In this particular video the one who is charge of the choreography is their human. The group follows their leader who manages to get them synchronized with a wand toy. ‘Uptown Funk’ seems to be quite popular with the felines since they are not the only ones to dance to it.

Aren’t they really on point?

Hopefully they managed to crack you up and if they did don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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