8 Reasons Why Cats Hate You HOOMAN!

Don’t we all just absolutely love our feline companions? We want to take them everywhere with us, pet them 24/7 and hear those purrs. Though the look on their faces sometimes tells us that they are not enjoying it as much as we do. These are our 8 reasons why cats hate you:

No.1 Reason Why Cats Hate You: Bathing Them

Cats that like taking baths are such rare and precious gems. Most cats absolutely hate it and they just like to bathe themselves – no water included.

2. Taking Her on Play Dates

Couple play date 8 reasons cats hate you cat owner 5

Taking your cat on a visit to your friends place and meeting their cat is a big mistake. Cats like their territory and doing this can just end up with a lot of hissing and fighting. It should come as no surprise if cats hate you after doing this.

3. Car Rides

Driving car 8 reasons cats hate you cat owner 4

Most cats hate car rides and they might hate you for it. Cats get motion sickness very easily. This can result with your cat vomiting or even defecating out of sickness and anxiety.

4. Litter Box Hygiene

A cat’s litter box needs to be cleaned at least once a day. Just because she covers her feces doesn’t mean that she can’t smell it from miles away.

5. Too Much Petting!

Too much petting grooming 8 reasons cats hate you cat owner 1

Just because we love petting them doesn’t mean they love it too. Cat can get overstimulated very fast and with very little warning.

6. Loud Noises!

Loud music noisy 8 reasons cats hate you cat owner 2

Cats are very sensitive to loud noises. They make them very stressed out and anxious. We need to keep things down as much as possible cause your cat is not gonna like that song you are blasting on the stereo.

7. Leaving Food out for Too Long!

Cold food 8 reasons cats hate you cat owner 6

If your cat is eating wet cat food then try not to leave it out for too long. It can collect bacteria and get stale. Also, some cats hate very cold food so instead of feeding them food right from the fridge try to leave it out at room temperature for a while.

8. Being Ignored

Ignoring 8 reasons cats hate you cat owner 3

No matter how much they might seem to hate us they hate being ignored even more. They need us to help them get their exercise to stay healthy and of course they don’t like to be alone all the time.


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