8 Signs Your Cat Plans to Kill You! Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You!

They say love hurts, but can love kill you? Apparently it can!

Behold the Signs Showing Your Cat Is Trying to Kill You…

#1 They will try to trip you!

Has it ever happened to you? You are walking down the hall trying to reach the kitchen but your cat is all over your feet?! Easy there tiger, I am trying to get to the kitchen now, let me get there in one piece and I will give you your food!

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#2 They try to suffocate you in your sleep!

Happens to me all the time, especially in the mornings, early mornings! If that is her way of making me get up so I feed her, she better stop! There are so many subtle ways to wake me up! I mean, come on!

#3 They will wait for you behind the shower curtain!

What is it exactly they thinking we do there? Or what is their plan once we get into the shower?! Anyone?!

#4 They sharpen their claws all the time!

Have you noticed that? Doesn’t it seem suspicious to you? Are they going to scratch us to death?!

#5 They literally attack us with every chance they get!

Every time I got my sandwich in my hands and I am about to enjoy the next few minutes in it, my cat is all over me – trying to kill me!!!

#6 They’re searching for our weak spots!

You are sleeping and you feel them cuddling under your armpit!!! What is that – stop it!!!

#7 They are trying to dig their escape tunnel!

And usually that is when you are doing a renew on your house! Not helpful cat, not at all!

#8 Is your cat that cute you could die?!

I feel you – that is the most direct way you get killed by your cat – cuteness overload!

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