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    This Tuxedo Cat Goes Every Day in the Bathroom To Do Her Funny Ritual!

    Cats can be very silly creatures and this tuxedo cat is no exception.

    Every cat owner has probably experienced their cat’s first encounter with a mirror at home. Kittens for example tend to react playfully to the mirror since most of the time they think there is another cat in the mirror. A fully grown adult cat might not experience the same thing. By the time they realize that it is them in the mirror they might act a little bit hostile to their mirror image.

    This cat for example at first looks very confused and not so happy about what she sees. As she continues to look at herself in the mirror, Sox even begins to pose and makes some movements that resemble a mime artist.

    What is your cat’s reaction to itself in the mirror?

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    This Parrot Saves Money in His Bank Way Better Than You Do!

    Parrot are extraordinary creatures. They are very smart and they always have a trick up their sleeve. This parrot saves money probably a lot better than you.

    Everyone most likely has a piggy bank around the house. If you were about to go and check how much money you have inside, I bet you would hear a coin or two making jingling noise. This parrot doesn’t mess around. Charlie is very determined to have his life savings all stored in the right place.

    Even though the coins might be too big for him he has no intention of giving up. He places every coin in the right place and earns a treat after each successful coin placement. We can all take Charlie as a role model and start placing the coins where we should instead of wasting it all.

    Is your piggy bank full?

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    Young Guy Adopted a Lonely Shelter Cat! Look What Happened Just Hours After…

    Lonely Shelter Cat Adopted Hug Parent Owner Guy Love 8

    The lonely shelter cat called Butters was adopted when he was only three months old. His sister Muffins also got adopted by Luke and they left their life at the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society behind.

    What his owner didn’t expect at all after adopting them is getting hugs and kneads around his neck every single day. Luke believes that Butters was separated from his mom too early. Luckily for Butters now he has a person in his life that will take care of him just like his mom would. Luke is very happy to have Butters in his life and he wouldn’t trade all the cuddles and hugs for anything in the world. Since the first day the two cats got adopted, Butters has been really attached to his new dad.

    What do you think about this lovely couple?

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    This Homeless Cat Was Lying All Day on the Street until Finally a Hero Appeared….

    Everyone deserves a happy home and this little homeless cat was lucky enough to find one.

    The small kitten was abandoned and spent half a day lying down on the side of a road. Clearly not everyone was willing to take the little guy and take of him. Luckily though, someone was willing to help the poor kitten. He had no injuries and his health was fine the only problem with him was that he was starving and feeling very weak.

    All the little kitten needed was some warmth and some food. Not long after he was fed and taken care of he was ready to be a happy little kitten. A kitten that will spend his days playing around and receiving all the love that he will ever need.

    Would you ever look away if you saw a helpless kitten on the side of the road?

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    Baby Bears Were Noticed Running in the Middle of the Highway…

    Trči, braco, trči: Tri medvjedića bježala su ispred automobila na riječkoj obilazniciViše na http://bit.ly/2ylQAW9

    Posted by 24sata on Tuesday, September 19, 2017

    Three little baby bears were noticed in the middle of a bypass in Zadar.

    They somehow ended up on the road and in the middle of the night, trying to avoid the cars and to find their way off the road. One of drivers that was on the road that night stated that after noticing the little bears running around he slowed down. He tried to warn the fellow drivers not to run over the baby bears by turning all the direction signals on as well.

    Luckily for the bears there was not a lot of traffic on the road that night. They managed to get back into nature safely.

    According to Djuro Huber from the Veterinary Faculty in Zagreb the baby bears were born this year. They are only nine months old.

    What would you have done if you saw these little bears?

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    Trči, braco, trči: Tri medvjedića bježala su ispred automobila na riječkoj obilazniciViše na http://bit.ly/2ylQAW9

    Posted by 24sata on Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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    Cat Brings Home a Bag of Weed to His Owner!

    A kitten called Tiger has a big problem. He likes to steal things. The cat brings home all sorts of things that he manages to steal.

    To make this story ironical, his owner is a police officer in Oregon. The cat has been roaming around his neighborhood stealing cups, underwear, gloves and anything else he might want to grab along the way. Clearly he needs to have whatever he sets his little eyes on, no matter how illegal the deal might be.

    His owner has a Facebook page where he posts the stolen things Tiger brings home. The officer’s morning begins with a cup of coffee and a new present brought home from his ‘Kleptokitty’. He might expect a new thing from his cat every day, but what he definitely was not expecting is a bag of weed.

    Does your cat bring you presents?

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    This Ginger Maine Coon Goes Insane When He Sees Birds Outside!

    Cats are known for their purring and meowing. This ginger Maine Coon is known for some other noises he is able to produce.

    His name is Mojo and he lives up to his name. He might not be evil like the actual Mojo from Power Puff Girls, but he is always up for mischief. When he is resting and not making any trouble he likes to observe the birds outside. It looks like he is quite fascinated by them and he tries to imitate them.

    This is very common for domestic cats. They tend to chatter and chirp at birds especially when they observe them from inside their homes. Whether he is excited or frustrated at the birds we are not sure, but he can clearly do this for a good while.

    Does your cat chirp at birds?

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    Polite Cat Asks His Human to Be Petted! Cuteness Overload…

    Cats are usually not creatures that are considered to be polite. The lovely polite cat from this video is one of the exceptions.

    We all know that cats like to do things at their pace and we don’t really get the right to choose. If they don’t want to be pet, you don’t get to touch them. If they want to play, you have to play with them. This cat though, seems a bit too nice for a cat. When her owner stops petting her she has learned how to politely ask to be scratched some more. Who can possibly resist her when she gently places her paw asking for more? Those lovely scratches on the cheeks have been feeling so good there’s no way she wants her human to stop.

    Is your cat this polite?

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    These 8 Years Old Ragdoll Cats Find This Packing Paper Quite Amusing…

    Cats are very curious and playful animals. These two Ragdoll cats definitely know how to easily have fun.

    Little kittens might be considered to be a lot more silly when it comes to playing than adult cats. Sometimes it seems like adult cats only like to nap and rest and are not really interested in anything. That is not really true though. Adult cats love to play just as much as kittens do. They love to be goofy and silly and these two 8 year-old cats are a living proof.

    Cats can make any object entertaining and everything can easily become their toy. They can clearly be easily amused even by packing paper. These two Ragdolls are having a blast with it as if they are playing with some really expensive cat toys.

    Do you think your cat can find packing paper amusing?

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    Naughty Cat Caught Stealing Panties! That Reaction…

    Would you ever think that your cat is responsible if your panties go missing? This beautiful cat has been caught stealing on camera.

    Cats are very curious creatures. They like to sniff around all over the house even in places that they’re not supposed to. This cat though, doesn’t care about the rules. Its owner has been wondering why his wife’s panties are scattered around the floor and he managed to find who is behind the mess. Caught right in action this cat doesn’t seem to care. All it wants is to get those undies out of the drawer. At the end of the day we know that in their heads they are allowed to do whatever they want. Every item you have at home, including you, is their property.

    Is your cat this naughty?

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    Lonely Cat Goes Crazy When He Hears His Human Coming Home!

    People think that cats probably enjoy their time alone around the house. They get to do whatever they want. Little do they know that cats do have feeling and they can get lonely. This lonely cat is an example of how excited a cat can get when his owner gets back home.

    His name is Bobo and his owner claims that he gets very lonely when he is home alone. From the video we can see how much he wants his owner to come back home. As soon as he hears the keys in the lock he immediately starts meowing. He simply can’t wait for his owner to come in. The ending of the video features another cat called Nikita and will definitely make you laugh.

    Do you think your cat gets lonely without you?

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    Small Baby Fennec Fox Gets Trained to Sit! Just Look At It!

    The little baby Fennec Fox is getting its first lessons on how to sit on command. It doesn’t seem like it’s an easy task to do.

    The Fennec fox is the smallest fox in the world and what they are mostly known for are their enormous ears. Their ears are almost half the size of their overall bodies, but they have their ears this big because of two things. It helps them hear their prey which is underground better and it also helps them with releasing heat. This little fellow doesn’t live in the wild and his owners are trying to train him how to sit. With the help of some treats and a lot of repetitions the tiny Fennec fox will learn how to sit whenever they tell her to.

    Should Fennec foxes be domesticated?

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