Abandoned Cat Jumps on a Woman’s Shoulder Asking for Love!

In a backyard in Southeast Louisiana cat jumps on a woman’s shoulder asking for attention and love. She had no idea that the tuxedo kitty is going to completely melt her heart. Chimera was so lovely and simply couldn’t stop rubbing his face against hers.

When the weather began to get really cold, the family decided to let the kitty stay inside. However, they didn’t know that this is going to become his permanent home.

Chimera was really sweet and friendly. He wouldn’t let anyone stay in a room all alone. Since he was such an amazing cat, they wanted him to become a part of their family.

Chimera got vaccinated and they already knew he was neutered. At the vet they found out that he was micro chipped and he was a part of a feral colony from the neighborhood.

With his new family by his side, Chimera now gets as many cuddles as he wants.

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