Abandoned Kitten Covered in Gasoline Turns out to Be a Miracle!

Rose was enjoying her road trip when she stopped at a gas station where she found an abandoned kitten covered in gasoline. She immediately decided to bring the kitten home.

Due to the exposure of chemicals his skin was badly burnt and after a while his fur fell out. However, only after a couple of weeks later it all grew back and his transformation was complete. She named the cutie Andy and ever since she rescued him, he simply can’t get enough hugs and cuddles.

From the very first night he likes to sleep cuddled against her arm. They have a very special connection and since Rose herself was an orphan she thinks that Andy is her soulmate. She even found him 5 miles away from where she was born and with him by her side she doesn’t feel lonely anymore.

Isn’t this a lovely story?

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