Adopted Baby Deer Fell in Love With the Family Cat! Check out This Friendship!

Hoppy was abandoned when he was very little, but luckily found by a lovely couple who decided to take care of him and made sure that he will survive. The adopted baby deer turned out to be sweeter than they ever expected.

Amanda and Tony have given this deer a wonderful home and in return, they receive lots of love from him. Since deer live in herds, Hoppy does his best to socialize with everyone around the house including their cat Tiptree.

These two best buddies do a lot of things together. They like to walk around and nap together, but what looks like they enjoy the most is grooming each other. It might take an awful lot of time for Tiptree to groom Hoppy, but it is definitely a piece of cake the other way around.

Aren’t they adorable?

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