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Cute Adopted Puppy Picked Her New Best Buddy From a Shelter!

Growing up with a sibling is probably one of the best things ever. The engaged couple from Oddesa, Texas knew that their newly adopted puppy shouldn’t grow up alone. Christina and Vincent picked the adopted puppy Raven to be a part of their family.

They took the Tamaskan puppy to a shelter in order for her to pick her new sibling. Raven was introduced to some kittens, but as soon as she met Woodhouse she knew that he was the one. The two lovely animals had a wonderful connection so the couple didn’t even think twice and the new family member was brought home.

Raven and Woodhouse got along really well and became inseparable. Now they enjoy cuddling, wrestling and playing together all day long and as you can see in the video below they are absolutely adorable.

Do you think Raven made the right choice?

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