Adorable Black Kitten Yells at His Human for Treats in the Cutest Way!

Cats are lovely creatures who are able to produce some really amazing sounds. This adorable black kitten makes the cutest noise that looks like he’s yelling at his human.

Anyone who shares their home with a cat knows that cats can get very vocal when they want something. Going to the kitchen without your kitty following you and asking for food is definitely rare. Some might just make some cute meows, while others might just be as loud as they possibly can.

The tiny little screamer from this video is called Blackberry and we bet he was demanding a treat from his human. What seemed like an innocent meow at first, quickly escalated into a very loud and long yell. He probably got exactly what he wanted since no one can resist these cute noises.

Were you expecting him to be so loud?

Let us know if you enjoyed this cutie in the comments below.

Blackberry has a song he wants to sing for you.

Posted by veggiedayz on Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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