Adorable Kittens Barely Survive Living in the Garbage! They Are Up For Adoption!

Imagine yourself living in the garbage stored in a narrow space surrounded by two big, cold and concrete walls. Imagine yourself living in so bad conditions that even a rescuer had to put some protective clothing and gear so that you are helped. Well, these are the conditions five adorable kittens lived in for some period of time. They were found by a woman who immediately called Hope For Paws to come to the rescue!

Initially the woman found their mother, took her to the vet where she was properly taken care of and then let her go because the cat was feral. When she saw these five babies, now named Daffodil, Juniper, Onyx, Willow and Pepper, she called Hope For Paws that needed less than two minutes to save these kittens from starving or dying from thirst.

The kittens visited the vet, they are given food and water and now they can be adopted via C.A.T.S. Inc.

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