Adorable Kitty Hears Her Favorite Song and Can’t Stop Dancing!

This lovely creature named Winnie loves dancing to number one hits. When this adorable kitty hears her favorite songs, it is really hard not to release a big “Awwwww!” Her parents were fostering plenty of kittens from Animal Welfare League of Arlington, but Winnie was definitely the only one with such a talent.

In the video you will see Winnie dancing to Mark Ronson’s and Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk. She clearly has some sick dance moves. Every single move is so on point and in sync with the beat that it will leave you amazed.

It is quite obvious that this silly kitten is actually really dazed by whatever toy her foster parent is moving in front of her. Regardless though, the video is still really cute and very funny. We are sure that she still probably has a lot more talent and potential when it comes to dancing than a lot of humans.

Is this also your jam?

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