This African Grey Parrot Has an Astounding Whistling Performance!

Parrots are very well-known for having quite a lot of skills when it comes to mimicking sounds. What you usually see is them trying to socialize with humans so they learn how to say some words and phrases. This African Grey parrot though, has mastered a completely different skill.

His human is not the only one that has an impressive talent. While he might not know how to play the piano, he definitely is one of the best whistlers out there. As soon as his human starts playing of ‘Always look on the bright side of life’, Ollie jumps right in. He starts off with some clicking and leg movement which is totally on point. Then he waits for his cue and does a fantastic job when it comes to the whistling.

Isn’t he a really talented parrot?

Share in the comments if his performance blew you away.


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