African Wild Cats OR House Tabby – Can You Tell the Difference?

When African wild cats are being mentioned, people start thinking about lions or tigers. It is rare for a person to think about the African wildcat that resemblance the house tabby in so many ways. After all, it is this wild cat that was domesticated some 9000 years ago.

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African Wild Cats and Their Descendants the House Tabby…

The first most notable thing about the resemblance of this family line is their coat. It goes from sandy brown to yellow gray with their familiar black rings on their tails and legs. This gets them to safety whether they are in deserts or savannas. The closest comparison we can make to this is with our Abyssinian and Mackerel tabby. The African wild cats have an ideal body condition because they are out in the open. This is the main reason why their length and weight is twice bigger than the house tabby.

Wildcats have longer legs because they move all the time chasing, hunting and seeking refuge from predators, there for their paws are stronger. House tabbies have shorter legs since their only pray are bugs in the house, none the less, you should provide it a sturdy, scratching post. Both cats’ eyes contain layer of cells that reflect a light back into the eye, making them able to see in the dark.

Whether your tabby is exploring your kitchen and measuring if it can get through a short space or if the wild cat is hunting, their whiskers are there to help them with the assumption. Most of the physical features are similar to both of these cats, but the only thing that they distinct is their feeding time. The African wild cats go wild when it’s time to feed, where the house tabby takes it’s time and it is sure its food will be there in the bowl.

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