No Need of Alarm – This Cat Is Waking Her Hoomans up Every Morning at 6am!

Having difficulties getting up in the morning? Get a cat! Seriously!!! The people for whom the alarm is just not enough, like me for example, a cat would be a necessity! Here we have an example of a cat waking up owners every morning exactly at 6 a.m. She started first by being nice and just meowing or just scratching the glass doors, but when it didn’t function, she had to undertake some more drastic measures.

However, the parents of the cat decided to put a camera and see where the strange noises come from so early in the morning. What did they see? A nervous, attention-seeking cat that knocks uncontrollably on the glass door.

No matter however you try to ignore it, it is just impossible. She sometimes moves one or both of her legs like an excited rabbit! The other cat, on the other side, is rather calm. I definitely need the gray one.

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