Angry Cat vs Sweet Kitty and a Really Confused Dog!

It seems like some cats can have some anger management issues. This angry cat is definitely one of them.

The 10 year-old feline is not very fond of every human. She doesn’t like to be touched by just anyone. The only person who can pick her up and pet her is her human mommy. Everyone else can stay as far away as they can or otherwise she will hiss at them even get her claws out.

The other kitty from this household is the polar opposite. She loves to be pet and can enjoy cuddling with anyone. She even knows how to have fun with the family dog, which also appears in the video at the very end.

The poor pup seems quite worried about the noise coming form the other room and he had to check on the kitties. He literally has no clue why the black kitty is so pissed.

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