This Angry Cockatoo Drops the F-Bombs in a Hilarious Argument With His Human!

Since cockatoos are very vocal and smart birds it is no surprise that they learn how to say some things. This angry cockatoo though, has definitely learned some stuff with which he should be very careful.

First of all cockatoos have a very long life-span which goes up to 100 years which is really impressive. Pebble has been around for 20 years now, but unfortunately has already lived in 10 different homes. All throughout this time he definitely gathered a lot of knowledge especially when it comes to cursing.

In this particular situation his human wanted him to go back in his cage, but Pebble had no desire to do that. Instead, he got so upset that he couldn’t stop talking. While his human tries to calm him down he just drops the F word all over the place and it is super hilarious.

Did you catch a lot of phrases?

Let us know what you heard in the comments below.

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