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Don’t Mess With The BOSS! Annoyed Cat Pushes Dog into Swimming Pool!

A video where a cat pushes dog into a swimming pool is overtaking the internet. This video is one of the many where cats take control over what seems to be a losing situation for the cat. Meaning, dogs are believed the stronger ones and more fierce ones. Cats are thought to be the ones that are supposed to run away when confronting dogs. Well, not here and not in this video!

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Cat Pushes Dog and Makes Stand for the Other One Too!

The cat is lying beside the pool, chilling and minding her own business. Two Lhasa Apso dogs seem to have fun, but they do that around the cat. The cat seems relaxed and ignoring them, flipping her tail, enjoying the sun at the pool. All of the sudden the dogs start messing with her. They appear to have fun now, but with the cat. She starts to not like it and sends warning hisses to them, but one of the pups don’t pay attention – wrong move!

The cat is still lying and flipping her tail and probably just waiting for the perfect opportunity to make a move. At this point the dogs are circling the cat and making fuss around her. In a split second one of the dogs distances himself away from the cat and the other dog. Now, this is the chance the cat has been waiting for, she jumps promptly and pushes the dog into the pool! The dog that was not paying attention got the bitter end. But she doesn’t stop there. She is fully aware of the other dog and she jumps in defense and tries to scare this one.

Cat pushes dog and makes a stand before the other one – that’s what I call a video. This cat stood for itself In front of two dogs – that’s one heck of a cat.

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