Astonishing Amount of Cats Got Rescued From a Cat Hoarder…

Cases of animal hoarding are unfortunately registered all around the world. This particular case though, has been considered as one of the worst cat hoarder cases that has happened in Daleville, Indiana.

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First and foremost we need to make a distinction between animal hoarding and having multiple pets. When having multiple pets people are able to and like to provide all the things their pet might need. Unfortunately in the cases of animal hoarding the owners are not even providing minimal shelter, nutrition and veterinary care. This results in illnesses, starvation and death.

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The extreme cat hoarder case…

In August 2016 the police was called at West Daleville Road. They we called after a 75 year-old woman passed away. After getting to the house, they were completely shocked with the amount of cats it was filled with.

Astonishing amount rescued cat hoarder 2
The house was filled with feces and urine so the crews had to go in with full on hazmat suits. According to the Director of Munice Animal Shelter Phil Peckinpaugh, the smell in the house was unbearable.


In the first two days they were able to save at least 70 cats and two dogs and they believed that there are at least thirty more left inside. All these cats were set up for adoption right away since the shelter also got really crowded.

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The worst part was that most of the cats were female and pregnant. The price for their medical care took at least a quarter of the shelter’s yearly budget for their medical bills. Despite all this the shelter didn’t want a single cat to be euthanized and kept trying to find a forever home for the cats.

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Anyone that is not able to adopt a cat can also participate by donating to help with their medical bills.

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