Baby Elephant Finds a Curious Cat and Tries to Befriend It

A young baby elephant is astounded by seeing a curious cat for the first time. The little elephant lives in the Elephant Nature Park situated in Thailand. His name is Navann. So, what seemed to be a regular stroll in the park with his mother, turned out to be a rather unusual day. Firstly, Navann passed by the beautiful cat and it looked like he didn’t even notice it.

But, a minute or so after, we see little Navann coming back and inspecting the cat. The cat, as royal as she may be, was very indifferent, but calm. She didn’t hiss and she remained at her post. She didn’t run away or make any other sort of a scandal. Navann, on the other hand, tried to get closer to the cat, but backed down.

Elephants have good memory, so we are sure he will make a good friend of this cat the next time he sees her.

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