Cuteness Overload: Baby Lynx Practices Its Hunting Jump!

Fierca is a 6 year-old Canadian lynx that currently lives at the ZooMontana, Billings. She moved to the zoo as soon as she got quite big. She was taken care of by a family with a couple of dogs which she absolutely loved. The family was looking after her since she was a baby and Fierca grew up into a sweet and affectionate lynx. However, as a baby lynx Fierca struggled a lot when she was trying to jump over things.

In this particular video it seems like she is trying to show off her hopping skills in front of her canine friends. The little kitten had a really hard time jumping over the obstacle especially the first time and we must admit it looks absolutely adorable. In the end, jumping turned out to be too difficult for the cute lynx. Instead, she was more into biting on the coffee table.

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