Before and After: A Barely Alive Rescue Kitten Grows up Into an Elegant Lady!

Rainy days are not always depressing! They can be romantic, cozy and perfect for finding a friend with whom you will be singing in the rain! A rescue kitten has lived to tell the tale! Back in 2012 in a monsoon struck Korea when torrential rains are not unusual thing, a woman heard a cry for help. More precisely, she heard a meow for help. She looked around her surroundings and found a box with a little, minor, snowflake-like kitten. Abandoned kitten.

She took her under her protection and immediately took the kitten to the vet. When examined, a special food was given to the kitten. The kitten was so small that it had to eat from a human baby bottle so it can properly consume the food. With time, the kitten’s state improved and it became more sociable.

Now, this wonderful kitten has grown to be an elegant beauty, just like Duchess from Aristocats.

Photo Credits: Black Number One

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