Basic Tips on How to Help an Injured Dog!

There is nothing more devastating than seeing an injured animal at the side of a road and feeling frightened to approach it let alone help it. But you just can’t walk away, and honestly, you shouldn’t!
An injured dog is scared and agitated and rest assures it will attack you if it doesn’t feel safe in your presence. But trying to help it at the very spot sometimes means saving its life!

Let’s Help the Injured Dog …

Firstly, you should try to approach it slowly and as calmly as possible and once reaching the injured dog try to stoop down to it. Speak to the dog with a soothing voice and while doing so observe its eyes and face and do not try to pet it. If possible, slip a leash around its neck, use whatever you can get your hands on; a tie, a belt; tie the other end of the leash to a fixed object like a fence or a water hydrant so it won’t try to move or escape.

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Photo Credits: U.S. Air Force

Be sure the dog is not vomiting, if not, muzzle it so it won’t bite you, again use whatever you can grab, a tie or a piece of cloth would be fine, tie a knot under the chin of the dog, gently.

Proceed administrating treatment

Once muzzled, you should proceed administrating treatment. Try to examine it slowly and gently. If the dog gets more agitated, stop and try to back off so it can calm down on its own. At this point you should call for help or try to contact an emergency veterinary clinic. If it seems like it is possible for you to transport the dog to the clinic – do so. Before you transport the dog try to bandage him and place him in a safe area for reducing any additional injuries.

Once stabilized, try to transfer the dog to your car. If it’s a small dog take its collar with one hand and his body with your other hand, but if it is a bigger dog you should try to slip one arm under his neck holding his chest and place with your other arm under the dog’s rump and try to lift the dog, but make sure it can breathe without difficulties. Settle the dog on the back seat of your car and make sure it will be alone so it won’t get nervous.

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Photo Credits: U.S. Air Force


Even though you gave the injured dog first aid successfully a visit to the vet’s is inevitable, your first aid cannot be replaced with the check up from the vet, but nevertheless it can save the dog’s life.

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