Time For Belly Rubs! Say Hello to this Super Fluffy Cat Louie!

Louie is the name of this beautiful, white, fluffy cat that looks like a cloud once is lying down. He was left at the shelter after his previous family couldn’t take care of him any longer. So he spent his days waiting by the window and hoping that soon enough he would be in a human’s arms again.

The waiting for the fluffy cat paid off…

Louie is a Persian/Turkish van mix and is the fluffiest cat you will ever see. With his amber big eyes and his tiny little pink nose, he made his present parents to fall in love with him the moment they saw him. Christiana and her husband were heartbroken because they recently said goodbye to their beloved cat Sophie. They couldn’t even imagine that they will get their heart stolen from this cutie pie.

Christiana said that she was only doing a regular round up on the on-line page for the Petfinder when she saw Louie with his big, sad eyes. She called the shelter right away, hoping that he is still there. She was in luck, Louie was still waiting patiently. The following day was their beginning of a happy life together. Louie left the shelter to his new forever home. Christiana said that it was like he knew where he was going and what was he getting into – a better life!

Louie’s new dad entered him into the house and he started cruising around sniffing and getting himself familiar with the new home. Once he was done with the sightseeing he sat next to his human parents as if he had lived with them forever. At that moment he started purring for them like he was saying – thank you!

The house is full again with this cloudy, fluffy cat and these human parents believe that they couldn’t be happier now when they have their Louie.

Humans never learn.

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