The Best Cat vs Dog Trick Contest! Place Your Bets!

We live in an era of new technology taking over the world. Personally, I hate technology, but I don’t really do when it broadcasts funny videos of cat vs dog contest to the world. It’s sooo hilarious!

A video that is a living proof that cats and dogs can give you a better show than any 15 hours long Academy Awards shows. Ladies and gents, I proudly present you the cat vs dog trick contest!

It won’t take more than five minutes out of your precious time. But, trust me, once you start watching it, you won’t play any Hollywood movie for the next three weeks. All pet owners in the world know how hard it is to train your dog or cat to even sit still. We’ve all done the treats and sometimes they work, but try doing it without them! It’s like teaching the Kardashians manners. Mission impossible.

In this cat vs dog trick contest, you will witness the 11 tricks that these amazing creatures do. Hats off to their owner!

Cat Vs Dog Trick Contest Best 2

Namely, Kaiser (the cat) and Nana (the dog) compete in, as I said, eleven tough categories.

  1. First they show us how they beg and sit pretty and still, which they do amazingly well.
  2. Secondly, they show us how they spin.
  3. Thirdly, they roll over in their cute little, happy ways.
  4. Then they skateboard! I’m not joking!
  5. Afterwards, they leg weave. I have to give it to Kaiser here, he did it with a lot of grace. Leg weaving it’s a cat’s thing!
  6. Then they close the wardrobe door. Cool thing!
  7. Walking backwards on hind legs is the next trick!
  8. Then they put their tiny, little paws on their owner’s feet and walk around.
  9. Up next is jumping in their owner’s warm embrace.
  10. Then they but their back feet on a box.
  11. And they finish up with footstalling.

They both did everything amazingly well, but I have to give this one to Nana because she looked happier and very into it while doing it!

Official FB page: Amazing Animal Tricks

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