Beware of the Punisher Cat! The Best MEMES Are Here!

While everyone is anticipating the new Netflix series The Punisher to come out, the cat lovers have the amazing opportunity to enjoy the Punisher cat.

The Punisher Cat Purrisher Funny Meme Photoshop 4

For those who are not familiar with it the Punisher is a character that appears in comics that are published by Marvel Comics. He is not your typical superhero, but a trained soldier who wants to revenge the murder of his family.

Even though this cat might not be as well-trained as Frank Castle she for sure looks like she can bring down the mob in the blink of an eye. The fierce look on her face and the amazingly well photoshopped skull on her chest make her look just as frightening as the real Punisher.

Who do you think will get better reviews The Punisher or the PURRisher?

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