Black Baby Kitten Gets Abandoned on a Dangerous Street! But, After One Loud Meow…

The neighborhood where this little black baby kitten gets abandoned is not very welcoming.

People can often be very cruel when it comes to animals. For whatever their reason is they sometimes abandon those that need their help the most. Such is the case of the little baby kitten from this video.

Black baby kitten abandoned street meow loud rescued feral cats 2

We should be grateful that we have the ability to think and make decisions which can affect us all that is surrounding us. We should be channelling this to make the world a better place for every living creature that inhabits the earth. Unfortunately very often thanks to our selfishness animals are very often the ones that suffer because of our poor judgement and decisions.

The Little Black Baby Kitten Gets Rescued!

In this little story a small kitten gets abandoned on a street. The person who did this decided that it is a good idea to leave the kitten in an area where there already are a lot of feral cats. Whoever did this most likely didn’t know or didn’t care that cats can be very unwelcoming when it comes to new feral cats. To the feral cats that already live in that area the kitten only seemed like an intruder.

It is not like it’s completely impossible for the kitten to be accepted, but in this unfortunate situation the kitten was unwanted in their feral colony. You can see in the video that they are rather hostile and aggressive towards the kitten.

Luckily for the kitten a person noticed him and his loud meows and decided to help. They were contacted and someone wanted to adopt the adorable black baby kitten. Now it finally has its forever home and it won’t have to worry about not being wanted. It will receive all the love and cuddles it needed.

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