This Cat Mama Has the Sweetest Conversation With Her Six Kittens!

Let us present you Cate, a cat and a mother that is the best of mamas! This cat mama has six little adorable kittens that are so adorable, but also a great responsibility. Having one child is exhausting and time-consuming, let alone six!

The Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association found Cate with her six children homeless and took them under its protection. The Association offered the group of cats warm home and shelter, but Cate never stopped offering her unconditional motherly love to her kids. Even though the cats are safe now, she regularly talks to them, consoles them, purrs and meows to them.

For example, she meows to them when it is time for them to get their meal. She also signals her arrival by meowing. Another very important aspect is that she gives equal attention to all of them. Good job Cate, you are our mother of the year!

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