RESPECT! Black Kitten With Cerebellar Hypoplasia Got Adopted Despite Her Condition!

It’s so important for people that want to adopt cats to know that every cat in the world is precious. Every cat deserves a chance to have a happy home. One such precious little being is a tiny kitten named Daisy who is suffering from cerebellar hypoplasia.

Black Kitten cerebellar Hypoplasia adopted condition wobbly 2

Meet Daisy: The Wobbly Tiny Kitten!

Daisy got diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia when she arrived at Best Friends Kitten Nursery in Salt Lake City, Utah.

She has a little sister called Agatha and the two of them were able to find a forever home. The family that adopted them have no problems with the fact that Daisy has cerebellar hypoplasia. They accept and love Daisy for who she is. A tiny kitten which just happens to be very wobbly, but still very full of life.

Daisy is a great example that cats with cerebellar hypoplasia are normal cats. With a lot of love for playing with all sorts of toys, cuddling and purring. She doesn’t let her condition stop her from living life to the fullest. She is really happy in her new home and with her new family.

Hopefully every kitten with this condition will be just as lucky as Daisy. We also hope that every person who wants to adopt will be as open-minded as the Geist family.

Important Facts About Cerebellar Hypoplasia!

For those that are not familiar with the condition, cerebellar hypoplasia is a neurological condition. It is not progressive nor contagious. The reason behind having such a condition is that the part of the brain which controls the motor skills is underdeveloped. It is important to note that if a cat has this condition that doesn’t mean that the cat is really sick. The only problem the cat has is coordination.

Owners of cats with cerebellar hypoplasia confirm that even though there is no treatment their cats live happy and fulfilled lives.

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