Blind Bengal Cat Gets Adopted and Now She Lives a Peaceful Life with Wildcats!

Ciega is a blind Bengal cat which was brought to the Wildcat Sanctuary. Her previous owner didn’t want to keep her anymore since she got too troublesome.

Poor Ciega didn’t use the litter box properly and the sanctuary was also told that she has a problem with her eyes. However, when they saw her for the first time they realized that the kitty was completely blind. She was born with a rare birth defect.

It might be unfortunate that she was given up, but Ciega now lives a very peaceful and happy life. She shares a bungalow with other hybrid cats and she gets along with everyone very well. Just like any other Bengal cat, Ciega is very active and full of energy. When she is playing in the outdoor bungalow, she is so playful that it is hard to keep up with her.

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