Adorable Bobtail Kittens Get Reunited in a Rescue Center!

After being found in a cat colony by a caregiver, two little bobtail kittens were brought to the Alley Cat Rescue in Mount Rainier, Maryland.

The one that got rescued first was Snowdrop and she was one healthy kitten. Her brother Mistletoe however was in a pretty bad condition. He suffered from an eye infection and parasites because of which his eye was crusted shut. The little kitten needed to be taken care of 24/7, while his sister was getting along with everyone at the rescue. The only thing that Snowdrop was missing was her little brother.

After a week of round-the-clock care, Mistletoe’s eye was finally completely open and he was ready to be reunited with his sister.

All the two cuties needed were a couple of sniffs and they were ready to play with each other just like they used to. Now they are inseparable in their foster home and when they are big enough, they will be looking for a forever home.

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