Brave Cat Confronts a Big Lion in Her Yard! Must See This Tough Little Cookie!

For this amazing brave cat size simply doesn’t mean anything. What really matters is how strong you think you are.

Brave Cat Baggy Thinks She Is Stronger Than a Lion!

The domestic cat which apparently loves a good challenge is called Baggy. She is a strong fierce lady that doesn’t allow anyone to tell her who not to pick up fights with. Her owner is in shock that she doesn’t even budge when charging against the lion despite the fact that he tells her she will lose.

brave cat sheriff baggy confronts big lion yard sanctuary 2

This little even takes place at the non-profit organization called Center of Animal Research and Education located in Texas. The owner of the cat is called Derek Krahn and he is the Operations director at CARE. This organization takes care and is for more than 40 exotic animals including wild cats such as lions, tigers, bobcats etc. They try to give the best care they can provide to all the animals in need and they do this with the help of the public.

Derek’s cat turns out to be even wilder than the wild cats in the sanctuary. Both her and the lion charge at each other and while the lion might be a lot bigger, Baggie looks just as strong. She meows and hisses at the lion without thinking twice. The cat is just staring at Noey the lion and looks like she is ready to fight her any time. The lion looked like he really wanted to play with the cat and probably wouldn’t harm her, but we can’t really say the same for Baggy.

The moral of the story is you can pretend to be stronger than a lion that is behind bars, but don’t let your cat nor anyone else try this under any other circumstance. You might think you are stringer, but let’s be real you are not going to fool anything.

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