Brave Cat Approaches Her Rescuers like a Little Kangaroo!

Roo was part of a cat colony before her rescuers took her in. However, there was something special about this brave cat. Her front legs are bent and when she sits down she looks like a little kangaroo. When they checked her up, they found out that she has congenital deformity on front legs. She still uses them when she walks and runs, but she mostly uses her hind legs.

The kitty is around 2 years-old, but she is very small for her age. However, she eats very well and is really friendly. The Zeus and the Kitty Cats rescue group managed to find a foster home for Roo. Now she no longer needs to worry about getting enough food nor love. She doesn’t let her disability get the best of her and lives a happy life.

All of the kitties from her colony were also rescued and now they all live in foster homes.

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