Brooklyn Cat Cafe Employed Rats to Take Care of Little Kittens! So Adorable!

Brooklyn cat cafe in New York is the new place that everyone is talking about. This cute little café on the Atlantic Avenue will offer you more than coffee and peace. It is a place is filled with kittens waiting to be adopted.

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Who Takes Care of the Kittens in the Brooklyn Cat Cafe?

The most unusual host will meet you and surprise you while they are taking care of the kittens. Rats! Yes, you read right, rats are the ones that mingle in the cages with the kittens. The owner of the Brooklyn cat cafe Anne Levine admits that this is a place where the customers can relax, but the real reason behind the café is the adoption of the kittens. The café was open back in 2016 and since then there were 300 adoptions from the café, which is a pretty good number.

The story of the rat – cat bonding began when they had a kitten named Ebony. Ebony was a black cat that was diagnosed with feline leukemia and she was desperate for companion. Since the other kittens weren’t up for socializing Anne found and rescued a white rat from the street. This unusual thing lead to an even more unusual friendship between Ebony and Ivory, since the rat was white. Ebony didn’t live long enough so did Ivory, but their bond was very strong. Not soon enough the café had another rat hosts at their café – meet Emil and Remy!

The rats are bonding with the kittens just great, especially Remi, who showed his paternal feelings and obviously enjoys grooming and comforting the kittens.

Despite the common public belief, rats seem to be very social, friendly and a great companion for the kittens. So the biggest stereotype about rats being dirty and nasty has failed, according this cat café.

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