Burned Kitten Named Phoenix Literally Manages to Rise From the Flames!

This burned kitten is a lovely survivor. It warms our heart to know that besides the horrible fire that this poor little kitten had to go through she managed to survive.

The Sad Story Behind the Burned Kitten Phoenix!

The cat’s name is Phoenix and she definitely deserves to have it. Just like the mystical bird that rises from its ashes, this little burned kitten managed to survive a fire and be as strong as ever.

A garden shed caught on fire and the kitten got stuck in some rubble underneath it. Phoenix was really lucky that the owner of the garden shed heard her meowing. She called the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. They came over to the shed and took the little kitten our of the rubble.

Phoenix was taken to the vet immediately. The sad part was that she was in such a horrible condition. Her paws seemed to me the ones that got the most damage together with her eyelashes and eyelids which were completely burnt off. She spent two nights at the vet. Afterwards, Phoenix was transferred to the RSPCA Fellidge in Durham where she received nursing care.

Her foster father at the time Luka Atkinson, revealed that the true state of her injuries came out after a couple of days. Her fur was burnt from her paws and legs, tummy and face. In the beginning it didn’t look that bad, but after those couple of days the whole fur and skin began to fall off.

Phoenix is very lucky that she got such a wonderful team to take care of her and tend to any needs she had. Now she is a lovely happy kitten that likes to play and cuddle just like any regular cat.

Hopefully her appearance is not going to throw people off and she will manage to find a happy forever home.


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  1. Just so sad, she must have gone through so much pain, poor baby! She s beautiful & if I were looking to adopt I would grab her in a heartbeat! Keep telling her story! You could do what Bagels mom did. She was born without eyelids, so her mom had kitty size sunglasses made for her. Then she decorated them with beads & crystals!

  2. Does Pheonix have a furever home yet? If not, does she get along well with other cats? And where are you situated? What country?

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