Cat Adopted Baby Squirrel and He Learned How to Purr!

Cats have amazing motherly instincts! On various occasion we have seen that besides taking care of their own litters, they don’t mind when another animal is included. This cat adopted a baby squirrel and definitely taught him how to be a real cat.

Rocky the squirrel was found by Karen Watkins one day after falling off a tree. Since she was unable to put him back in his nest she decided to bring it home and put it in the box with the kittens and Emmy. The lovely Emmy immediately accepted Rocky as one of her own kittens and took great care of him.

Rocky is so fond of his family that he even shares some of their traits such as purring, which is absolutely amazing.

Can you believe that he can actually purr?

Let us know if you think his purrs are adorable in the comments below.

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