Cat Befriends a Horse and Now They Go on Adventures Together!

After visiting the stables with his human mom, a cat befriends a horse and together they go on adventures and explore different places.

Louis was adopted by Emma Massingale, after his previous mom was going through a separation. The professional horse trainer from North Devon, England gladly took the Siamese cat into her family. Ever since, Louis has been helping his mom out at the stables.

He is a very sweet and friendly cat who happens to like horses. However, he has been fond of one particular horse named Comet. The gentle and calm horse loves to spend time with Louis as well. The kitty would hop on his back and rub his head from Comet. Besides cuddling, the two buddies go on walks around together.

Louis turned out to be an excellent feline equestrian. Whenever he gets bored with the ride, he would simply jump right off. This doesn’t happen that often since he really enjoys it.

The Purrrrfect Ride!

I don't normally let anyone ride my liberty horses but I think Louis is the Purrrrfect apprentice! lol #cat #connemara #catriding #training Mole Valley Farmers Equestrian Mole Valley Farmers Horseware NAF Charlies Products

Posted by Emma Massingale on Friday, December 22, 2017

Credits: Emma Massingale

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