Cat Begs Hooman to Go Outside in the Cutest Way Possible!

Every cat loves being outdoors. They would use any opportunity they have to sneak into the yard and have some fun. This tuxedo cat begs his human to let him go outside and play with the neighboring cat.

Some kitties wait at the door, others meow loudly until you let them out. This cutie though, has a little trick up his sleeve. He probably tried a lot of techniques which didn’t work, until he mastered this one.

He learned how to get up on his hind legs, put on his most adorable face and wave with his paws in the air. It is definitely impossible to resist him and not let him out. After all, he is doing everything that he can to convince his human. He is even mimicking how he should open the door for him and let him roam in the neighborhood with his best friend.

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