Cat Caught Using the Basin with Sugar at a Supermarket as a LITTER BOX!

Plenty of cats wander around supermarkets very often. While some are welcome and they have become some sort of a mascot for the supermarket, others just come in in order to do some mischief. This cat caught the attention of one of the customers doing some dirty business.

Somewhere in a supermarket in Kiev, Ukraine a cat found itself at the aisle with dry goods. First she jumps on top of the basins and decided to inspect around. She was sniffing the goods until she found the perfect one to commit the crime in.

You can spot the cat digging a little hole in the sugar at first and when the cameraman get closer to her it looks like she’s on to something. She urinated in the sugar and fled from the crime scene immediately.

Would you get scared to purchase sugar from a supermarket if you spot a cat sniffing around?

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