Hilarious Cat Commercial Goes Instantly Viral, Despite the Low Budget!

Have you noticed how the social media is smothered with cat food commercials? Are you aware that there are too many of these commercials and you just pass them not pay attention to it and move on to the next best thing you want to watch. But, have you ever seen a cat commercial that includes felines being offered for adoption?

This online cat commercial is hilarious, right to the point and low budget apparently. When planned to be made, the people involved were simply having fun, didn’t give much thought for the making, but boy were they in a big surprise once they released it online. This is one of the rarest and cutest cat commercials that there is.

Furkids’ Team Stands Behind This Cat Commercial!

The video is called ‘’Kitty Kommercial’’ and is made by Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelters, which is a group and organization of no kill shelters in Georgia, Atlanta. The leading role, beside the cats is Mr. Paul Preston who is offering the cats like used car salesman.

Mr. Preston is not a comedian or a celebrity. He is the brother of one of the volunteers in the shelter. It just happened that he is funny enough to do the commercial. The commercial shows the cats as kinds of used cars; the funniest collection of cats, black ones, big ones, tailless ones, hungry ones, sleepiest and self-cleaning ones, and the most important ones are the enthusiastic who would like to go home with you!

This cat commercial is less than 3 minutes but already has its place on the air. The volunteers from the shelter did a great job filming this cat commercial; it took them only 30 minutes to do so and a few cat food cans. It is a small price to pay for supporting and commercializing the shelter and making people adopt a cat right away.

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