A Lesson for Humans! Cat Enters Zoo Cage and Becomes Best Friends With a Lynx!

Another one of those extremely adorable friendships that just melts your heart. In this little story a cat and a lynx are best friends.

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All sorts of friendships happen in the animal world. We keep getting reminded by all these wonderful creatures that love and friendship have no boundaries. When it comes to animals, we can see friendship in its purest form. This little story shows us two best friends who make a lovely snuggable couple.

The Story Behind the Two Adorable Best Friends!

The oldest zoo in Russia the Leningrad (St. Petersburg) Zoo is where this lovely story takes place.

The beautiful calico cat kept visiting the zoo frequently. As a stray cat, it managed to find food in the lynx’s enclosure. The best part is that the lynx didn’t seem to have a problem with it. The reason might be the fact that animals in captivity can get lonely. This can occur especially if the animal is in its enclosure by itself. Luckily for this lonely lynx the sneaky little calico cat kept visiting.

The visits maybe started happening so the calico cat can have some food, but from the very first visit they began developing their lovely friendship. The more the cat visited the closer the best friends got. It is amazing that the lynx didn’t defend her territory nor attacked the cat. Instead, she wanted to share her enclosure with the calico cat.

The people from the zoo were kind enough to decide to adopt the cat. Now the two best buddies live happily together. From what we are able to see from the video the lynx apparently loves to get groomed by the calico cat and vice versa.

We are happy to know that someone in captivity besides all obstacles managed to find a best friend.

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